From Doubts to Denver and Back

By: Terra Johnson, Sophomore

This past Spring Break (2016), I went on my second BREAKAWAY trip. Along with eight other girls, most of which were complete strangers, I traveled to Denver, Colorado to work with Center for Student Missions.

I was so ready to jump into a new city to help the homeless population in whatever way I could. While this is what I was told I would be doing, helping them, I believe that they helped me. The week was much more than giving food and other necessities out to those who are in need. It was about forming relationships and building a bridge between “us” and “them.” Listening to people talk about their struggles changed my mindset about homelessness. Many people get involved with drugs and other messed up stuff, yes, but so many people are just handed the worst of luck, and through everything the have endured, they are strong and faithful and refuse to let their current status destroy who they are. Each person I came into contact with took away some of my ignorance and inspired me to put a halt on my initial judgements about any person.

 (We are pointing to where we are from individually and where we are, in Denver.)

 If I could tell students that were interested in BREAKAWAY one thing, it would be that committing is the hardest part. Actually deciding to go is the most difficult decision within the entire trip process. Once I was on the trip, everything fell into place. We became a family, and I learned about myself, the world, and God’s people. Looking to where we are as a group now versus where we were as a group when we left, I laugh to myself thinking that I had any doubts about enjoying the trip. Looking back on my own path before the trip, I realize how breaking out of my comfort zone has changed my outlook on my future and how God might lead me on a more service-filled path than I originally thought.

(This is, obviously, me with the group in the background, looking off in the distance majestically.)


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