It’s Simple, Help Others!

By: Kevin Silva, International Student

Have you ever wondered how it feels to live in poverty? Have you ever thought about the things you have and others don’t? I bet you have. But the question is, what have you done to help those people that do not have the same opportunities that you do? In every country, no matter how rich it is, you will always find people that need help from others. The fact that they have not found a lot success in life is due to lack of opportunities or support from others.

            We finished our service trip by preparing food for a women’s shelter with Breakthrough Urban Ministries. When we got there, we received a tour around the place they live. The woman that was showing us the place was so excited when describing the things they do for all those women staying in the shelter. I was amazed to see how happy she was about doing things for others. Those are the kind of people that the world needs, people that are willing to help others without expecting a reward.

            Being able to help all those people made reflect on how much benefit we can provide to others by doing simple things such as cooking them a meal. Just as we like to receive things from others, we should volunteer to do things for others to provide help and support of which they lack. You might think that what you are doing does not represent anything, but for those people, you change their lives. You help them believe that there is hope. Your help make them realize that success is there, they just need to work hard. In my country, there is a saying that says “hoy por ti mañana por mi” which means that, one day you might need help from those people you helped. I challenge everyone that reads this to think about those days that you needed help from someone else—maybe even help for education. Think about how you felt when help was provided to you. Happy, right? I want you to think about all those people that do not have the same benefits that you do. Ask yourself, how can I provide others with the same opportunities that were provided to me?

 That weekend I was reminded of the importance of helping others, and I’m grateful to have had the experience before heading home to Nicaragua.


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