Advent Devotional: Day 1

By: Matthew Johnson, Pastor to the Community—Grace United Methodist Church

Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5

Theme: #Come

The November gloom has arrived in Illinois, and it has been a struggle to get out of bed these past few days. But my lethargy isn’t seasonal affective disorder. It isn’t even the melancholy Luluc record I just got and keep playing on repeat.

It’s worse — an air of hopelessness seems to have overcome many of my friends. For some, 2016 has been difficult for their families. For the majority, though, the outcome of the presidential election has them living in a reality they didn’t believe was possible. Even the most sunny, warm, and optimistic of them can’t do much better than “if” or “maybe.” Like, “If we get organized, then maybe it will change.”

But here is Isaiah, writing with such certainty: Come, walk in the light of God. Because the reign of God will come to pass. Disputes will be settled. The wars will be over; their weapons will be turned into tools for a bountiful harvest. There is no speculation present. This will happen. Isaiah’s saying this—one who witnessed the destruction of his nation and the exile of his people—strengthens my resolve to move beyond fear.


God who is and will, shine your light that I can walk in faith and hope. May I bring your light to those who need their faith and hope restored. Amen.


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