Advent Devotional: Day 6

By: Dorothy Pleas, Director of Multicultural Affairs

Scripture: Psalm 72

Theme: #Righteous

Every four years, there is a sense of nervous anticipation as we complete a presidential election cycle.  The campaigns have finished, the votes have been tallied, and now what? We wait to see what our new leadership will bring.  At the presidential inauguration events, religious leaders will offer well-crafted prayers for the new administration. Often these prayers encapsulate our anxieties about and hopes for the changing world in the years ahead.

Psalm 72 was written as a prayer for King Solomon as he began his rule over Israel. The kingly attributes the psalmist prays for are a tall order:  just rule, righteousness, wisdom, and care for the poor. These are some of the same things that we are praying for today.

The prayer given in Psalm 72 can also be applied to the ministry of Jesus Christ.  During Advent, we eagerly await and prepare for Christmas and the coming of our savior who is the fulfillment of the prayer in the Psalm.


God, give your judgments to our elected leaders. Let them judge your people with righteousness and your poor ones with justice. Let our nation be a place of peace for the people; let the land be full of righteousness. Let our leaders bring justice to people who are poor; let them save the children of those who are needy, but let them crush oppression! Amen. (adapted from Psalm 72)


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