Advent Devotional: Day 11

By: Manilyn Gumapas, Class of 2018

Scripture: Ruth 1:11-18

Theme: #Called

Ruth’s story is one of inspiring determination—to love Naomi, and to love God, so much she would leave behind a life she knows in order to follow them! When reading this passage, I immediately tried to reflect on if my story could ever mirror that of Ruth’s, if there are Naomi’s in my life whom I would follow wherever they lead. But then I remembered that God’s calls look different to each of us, calling us to different places and for different reasons. Despite those differences, the common thread is that it is God calling us—to serve, to be present, to have him be present in the ways we serve.

For me, this scripture is reminiscent of Focus’s [North Central’s interdenominational worship group] ever-favorite worship tune, Oceans by Hillsong: “You call me out upon the waters / The great unknown where feet may fail.” Where in our lives have we felt inspired to go into unfamiliar territory, comforted only by who—or Who—is accompanying us? And where in our lives have we felt this inspiration, and yet chosen to remain in our comfort zones?

This Advent, may we all reflect on where we feel called by God to go and serve Him.


God of the travelers and wanderers, guide and protect those who are far from their comfort zones, separated from home by both physical and emotional distance. Reveal your presence to those who feel lost and alone. Amen.


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