Advent Devotional: Day 12

By: Karli Saner, Assistant Director of Ministry and Service

Scripture: Psalm 146:5-10

Theme: #Hope


Sometimes I feel like a young rose, eager to bloom and when I do,

a frost comes.

And now, I am not sure if I am the rose, the frost,

the frost or the passerby,

but I am sure I have been one or all of those things at some time or another.

I am unsure of who or what I am,

but You are a fresh lake water, current and full of life.

I long to be a rose on Your banks, eager to bloom and when I do,

the sun and You greet me.

You say, I have waited for you.

And, then, You bless me.

You are sure of who I am, even when I am weak in myself,

limp and frosted over.

I am the oppressed.

I am the hungry.

I am the prisoner.

I am the blind.

I am the weary.

I am the orphan and the widow.

I am Jacob, and I am sure of who You are.

You, my Lord, are hope.


There are days when all that keeps me praying is the decision to put my hope, my trust, in you, O God. To trust that You are still in charge, that You are watching over my way, that You care about truth even when the liars seem so strong. So, for today, I choose to put my hope in your power to create new beginnings where none seem possible; I choose to trust you will meet me on the bank of Your living water. I wait for You. You, my God, are my only hope.


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