Advent Devotional: Day 13

By: Leslie Stopka, Roman Catholic Campus Minister

Scripture: Luke 1: 46b-55

Theme: #Magnify

A young girl of lowly status, engaged to a good and devout man, encounters the unthinkable: she is to be Mother of God. God enters her life in the most physical way and she praises Him. When she faces her family, her betrothed, her village she does so with great faith and great humility. She chooses to put God first, herself last.

Mary’s Magnificat pours from her soul. It is everything she understands about God and as I read it I understand as well. God is always good, always faithful, always just. He enters the world to change it, to raise the lowly, to feed the hungry, to heal us with mercy and justice. God is loyal, trustworthy and eternal. These are qualities of God that we can know, on which we build our faith.

During Advent, we recognize God entering our world, our lives. Let us receive Him with great faith and great humility, open our closed hearts and minds to the wonder and awe of Him, and let Him create change in us so that we may also say,

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in in God my savior.”


God, come into my heart and heal my brokenness. Help me to overcome my doubts, my fears, and my arrogance so that I may be obedient to your will for me and humbly serve you all of my days.


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