Advent Devotional: Day 14

By: Troy Hammond, College President

Scripture: James 5:7-10

Theme: #Patience

It was not long ago that 5,000,000 people gathered in downtown Chicago to celebrate the end of a 108 year journey for the Cubs to a World Series championship.  The patient, annual refrain of “there’s always next year” became a lifelong habit for many.  Cubs fans are hardly the champions of patience though.  The prophets of the children of Israel foretold of a Messiah centuries before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The children of Israel waited and waited.  For those that recognized Jesus, finally, at long last, as the Son of David, the Holy One of Israel, it was surely at least as startling as a Game 7 win.  To be sure, there was no party of 5,000,000 to celebrate, though throngs of 5,000 would come later to hear him teach.  But for those that call him Lord it was worth the wait, and worthy of reflection on what it means to be patient, and where we exercise it, and where we don’t.  We would do well to take a moment, or two, to meditate on patience this Advent season, as we await the celebration of the birth of Jesus.


God of the ages, in the midst of our hurried lives, we expect instant gratification. Teach us your patience—the patience of prophets, of shepherds, and of an expecting mother. May we learn that the preparation for celebration gives depth and richness to the culminating event. Slow us down and get us ready for the coming of the King. Amen.


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