Advent Devotional: Day 16

By: Grant Tuider, Class of 2019

Scripture: Matthew 8:14-17

Theme: #Healing

The time of the holidays calls for a time of healing. A time for mindful rest and peace. There are many times that I myself have been healed through the tremendous spirit of my family. Around this time of year, things can be getting crazy. School can be overwhelming, life can throw us some nifty curveballs, and we just feel as if were sinking. This is where we learn to trust scripture, where we learn to rise up and begin to heal. Christ will mend our wounds as he mended the sick and the demon-filled, we just have to remember what this holiday is all about. As we do, healing will surround us like a warm blanket as we’re perched next to an icy window on a cold January day. Jesus acts as our blanket in these times, and I personally am so thankful he is willing to heal me. The great part…he’s healing you too!


Embrace us, dear Father, with the healing touch of your grace and love. Overwhelm us with your presence during the frantic times of life. Grant us peace and rest. Amen.


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