Advent Devotional: Day 17

By: Thomas Smith, Class of 2019

Scripture: Galatians 3:23-29

Theme: #Us

It’s not hard to see that we are a divided people. Anyone who has turned on a TV, listened to the radio, or read a newspaper can tell you that. We have developed an “us” versus “them” mentality that has made us wary of our neighbors, our friends, and even our own families.

Galatians reminds us that, while we may be different, we “are all one in Christ Jesus” (3:28). God loves each and every one of us and we all make up the Body of Christ. This message is one we desperately need given the state of our nation and the world; the message that though we come from all over the world with different backgrounds, and have walked and are walking down different paths in life, we are all loved by God just the same. This Christmas people from around the globe will come together and celebrate their shared belief and love for their god, no matter how different their beliefs or experiences may be, and isn’t that the message of love that Jesus delivered to us?


God, we thank you for the love you bear for all your people, may we learn to love one another like you do, regardless of our differences.


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