Advent Devotional: Day 21

By: Justin Wysocke, Class of 2017

Scripture: Genesis 21: 14-20

Theme: #Mercy

We are reminded of God’s steadfast love and mercy shown for every child of his, at every hour. In the middle of the desert, Hagar the servant runs out of water for herself and her son, and immediately despairs. An angel from God, however, opens her eyes so she can find a well near her in the desert.

As humans, we are sinners by nature. We sometimes forget to look at the bigger picture of our lives, as God always does. When the one thing Hagar needed was water, God granted it to her. In our hour of greatest need and desperation, God will extend his merciful hand to us and save us, his children. We may have trouble perceiving his love and mercy, and may even reject it at times. His mercy, however, shall persist.

Furthermore, we must remember that God always has our best interests at heart. God’s plan to build his holy people was intended for Abraham’s son Isaac, not Ishmael. However, God shows compassion for Hagar and Ismael by promising to make a great nation of the latter’s descendants. We are also God’s children, and he has great things planned for each one of us.


Heavenly Father, help each one of us, your children, to see your mercy at work in our lives. Grant that we might not take your mercy for granted, but will use it to do those great things you have made us to do. Amen.


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