Advent Devotional: Day 22

By: Brad Spencer, Assistant Head Football Coach, Alumnus, Class of 2003

Scripture: Genesis 37:2-8


When a sprinter takes their mark in a race, they have one singular focus: the finish line! Once the race starts, they sprint ahead toward their final destination. They stay in their lane and look straight ahead. They don’t look left or right, or check their periphery to see where the other competitors are. It doesn’t matter what the other sprinters are doing; at that moment, only their own performance can win them the race. In life, it’s often hard for us to keep our eyes straight ahead and not compare ourselves to others. Cars, houses, bank accounts, and job titles can consume us, always trying to “keep up with the Joneses.” Jealousy results when our focus is incorrectly placed. This advent season, let us run our race, with our eyes straight ahead, solely focused on Jesus, the reason for the season.


Lord, help us to run our own race. During this advent season, let us focus our eyes on you as we run with patience the race you have placed before us to our best ability! Amen.


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