Advent Devotional: Day 23

By: Tia Dukes, Class of 2019

Scripture: Revelation 22:6-7


Often times life seems to become “too much to handle” and we stress out over any and everything. In these times, I find it comforting to remember God’s word. It says that “These words are trustworthy and true;” this is a reminder that God’s words can be trusted no matter what. We must remember that God’s word is love and life; that he wants the best for us no matter what our circumstances look like on the surface, we must simply trust and follow him. I like to remind myself that every second that passes, is a second closer to freedom from any circumstances that I am faced with; that God is looking out for me and that his never-ending love will guide to the place he wants me to be.


Dear Lord, just as the prophets knew that your son would be arriving soon to set the captives free, help us to remember that Jesus is alive and that we will soon be free from captivity; no matter what form it takes. Take away any uncertainty that we may have about the future and allow us to rejoice in your presence and trust in you completely. Amen.


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