Advent Devotional: Day 26

By: Nikki Young, Alumna, Class of 2015

Scripture: John 1:1-14

Theme: #Word

I like my Christmas traditions—I have a Spotify playlist that I always come back to this season, listening to the same fifteen songs on repeat. When I return home for Christmas morning, my family opens gifts together, always oldest-to-youngest, before sharing a meal into the late afternoon. These are the Christmas narratives in my own life I come back to again and again, so much so that they’ve become a normal part of my story.

I’ve always found God’s story to be like that. The Word made flesh we hear around this time—that a child is born, Emmanuel, God with us. It’s something we always come back to every single year. But on this Christmas Day we remember why this story was one worth telling over and over again—that the light of the world, which enlightens everyone, was made manifest in the most unlikely of places. A human child. Flesh. Dwelling among us. Our hope could have looked like roaring thunder or a flash of lightening cracking through the sky, but instead, God’s power is revealed through the gift of life, the gift of compassion, our Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace to you all this Christmas Day.


O almighty God, by the birth of your holy child Jesus you gave us a great light to dawn on our darkness.

Grant that in his light we may see the light.

Bestow upon us that most excellent Christmas gift of love to all people, so that the likeness of your Son may be formed in us, and that we may have the ever brightening hope of everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen. (The United Methodist Book of Worship, 1965)



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