There’s power in sharing your story.

Stories, when told, are how we begin to understand, interpret, and gain meaning into our existence. They give us the framework for discovering who we are and what we mean to say, what we believe and why we believe what we believe. They heal us. They inspire others.  They give us a voice. They remind us we are not alone. They shape us; they change us.

Here, we’ve created an intentional space for students to tell their stories—to recount their experiences from inside the Office of Ministry and Service at North Central College in a generous, purposeful way—in an effort to engage the storyteller in each of us and contribute a unique voice to the diverse discussions happening throughout the campus community.

“Novels and stories are renderings of life; they cannot only keep us company, but admonish us, point us in new directions, or give us the courage to stay a given course. They can offer us kinsmen, kinswomen, comrades, advisors — offer us other eyes through which we might see … Every…student…will all too quickly be beyond schooling, will be out there making a living and, too, just plain living — that is, trying to find and offer to others the affection and love that give purpose to our time spent here…”
Robert Coles, The Call of Stories: Teaching and the Moral Imagination